Towns near Villa Carcano Park

Photo: Villa Carcano Park

The Park and the Villa Carcano at Anzano, in the Alta Brianza (Northern Italy), between the cities of Como and Lecco, are of exceptional landscaping, architectural and botanical value. This site has remained seemingly untouched in a region that experienced a very intense urban and industrial development.

The origin of Erba is lost in the mists of time, There is evidence showing the area was inhabited before the Romans. Erba, in Roman times, was named "Herba". In the Middle Ages, two important castles…

Como is Lake Como's largest city where you will find shopping, works of art, churches, gardens, museums, theatres, parks and palaces. Places to go inlcude the Duomo, the Basilica of Sant'Abbondio, Villa Olmo, the Volta Temple and Museum, the Teatro Sociale, and the Broletto…

The town overlooks Como, some 500 metres below linked by a steep, narrow, winding road, and by the Como-Brunate funicular. The highlight of the trek is the lighthouse dedicated to Allesandro Volta who lived in Brunate for a…

Blevio is the first town you come to on the eastern shore of the lake when coming from Como. From the centre of town spectacular panoramas greet visitors. Home to several private…

Faggeto Lario’s name originates from the large number of beech forests in the region. In the village of Palanzo, on the occasion of the Sagra Torchio, an ancient wine press dating from the second half of the sixteenth century carved from a single trunk of walnut, is put to use. Near the top of Palanzone is…


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