Cycling Routes near Val Masino (Day Trip)

Located north east of Lake Como’s uppermost reach is the Valtallina Valley that is home to some of the most spectacular mountain and valley hiking, rock climbing and bouldering. The area is supported…

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Located above the Mezzola Lake, The "Tracciolino" is a small piece of art that has no equal in the Alps, whose construction dates back to the thirties. Bridges and tubbels in the mountains, often bravely constructed on overhanging rocks, to allow small wagons to bring men and materials from the dam in Val dei Ratti to the outlet in Val Codera

The upper region of Lake Como is a perfect place for cyclists featuring quiet paths away from traffic, surrounded by greenery within the nature reserve of…

Photo: Valtellina and Valchiavenna Bike Trails

No-stress cycling! The cycle path that crosses the entire lower Valtellina valley is perfect for those who prefer problem-free pedaling without any competitive stress, cycling at their own pace purely and simply for the pleasure of enjoying…

Photo: P&L Wear and Rental

P & L WEAR AND RENTAL is a small shop of rental / sale bike and clothing based in Domaso (Lake Como) along the main road and near Villa Camilla (Town Hall). It is a bike friendly structure and offers city bikes for…


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