Hikes & Walks near Rifugio Elisa

Photo: Rifugio Elisa

A mountain Rifugio at 1515 metres on the western slope of the Grigna accessed in about 3 to 3.5 hours of hiking (one way) along the Val Méria from Rongio just above Mandello del Lario. There are 23 beds. Call in advance…

Although it is not the highest mountain in the Lake Como area, the Grigna (pronounced "greenya") is by far the most prominent. For those of you that will be visiting the western shore of Lake Como, especially in the mid lake region, this is the mountain that defines the beautiful landscape that you will see.

Photo: San Calimero

The white church of San Calimero with its characteristic sloping roof red, is very well known in Northern Grigna. It stands clearly visible looking at the mountains above Pasturo and offers a spectacular view, overlooking…

An extraordinary natural sight the Troggia waterfall in Introbio Valsassina mentioned by Leonardo da Vinci in his Codex Atlanticus. The Troggia creek comes from Lake Sasso at the foot of Pizzo of Tre Signori and goes on along the Biandino valley until it displays its thunderous charm in Introbio with a fall of 100 meters. Here it seems to disappear in the small pool as Leonardo observed, but Troggia continues its flow becoming the confluent of the Pioverna creek…

The waterfall Cenghen (or Waterfall Valley Monastery) is located at an altitude of about 600 meters above sea level. This waterfall is crossed by the waters of the stream Zerbo and, with a height of about 50 meters. The waterfall is easily reached by a short walk along the Val Monastery. Starts at…

The San Tomaso Park occupies the lower foothills of the ridge of Corno Birone (1,116 m), Mount Rai (1,250 m), Mount Prà Santo (1,245 m) and the Colma di Val Ravella (939 m). The park offers a beautiful landscape from just a short distance from the town of Valmadrera. In the springtime it is a famous destination for short and easy…

Photo: grignavalsassinacomolakegeopark.it

A prominent natural arch located in Formazione di Esino is a unique opening on the side of a mountain. It is a relic of a previous…

Hike that follows the course of a river, including potholes, waterfalls and waterholes of rare beauty. Forcing the hiker to numerous fords that, like it or not, they will often cool off your feet, especially during periods…

One of the most walked and photographed passageways in the heart of Bellagio that is home to fashionable boutiques, restaurants and a variety of shops. This is just one of the many narrow streets that can be explored affording riveting views of the town and lake.


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