Golf Courses near Climbing Tower Laino

A 10.5 meter, four sided climbing wall with about thirty routes ranging in difficulty from grade 3 to 7b +! The property is accessible depending on weather conditions, from March to September. Summer evenings are open to…

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Photo: Golf Club Lanzo

The Golf Club Lanzo was founded in 1962 by the great architect Donald Harradine. The 9-hole course is located at a height of 1000m and winds…

Photo: Menaggio e Cadenabbia Golf Club

A cradle of Italian beauty. A corner reminiscent of Britain overlooking Lake Como. A natural course with old world appeal. A heritage of golfing culture. The Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club encompasses all of the above. Visitors are welcome every day.…

Photo: Mini Golf Menaggio

A great little activity to provide some distraction to kids who may be all "villa’d" out or just need some chill time. Conveniently located close to Lido di Menaggio near the lake.

Photo: Golf Club Villa D'Este

A beautiful 18-hole course designed by Peter Gannon which winds its way through chestnut, ash and pine trees sheltering golfers even from the intense August heat. Villa d'Este is considered one of the most…

Photo: Golf Club Monticello

With its two courses, Monticello Golf Club is the largest in Italy - the pride of Italian golf. Golf is not just a simple sport, it is the meeting and competing of man and nature. It is getting to know yourself and competing against yourself with…

Photo: Golf Club Lecco

Among the Lakes Pusiano and Annone, one of the most beautiful spots of green Brianza, at the foot of the Alps of Lombardy, the Golf Club Lecco is now a 18-hole course on which the tops of the towering…


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