Hikes & Walks near Campione d'Italia Casino (Day Trip)

Photo: Campione d'Italia Casino (Day Trip)

Located in an Italian enclave within the Swiss canton of Ticino and separated from the rest of Italy by mountains, is the Casino Municipale. With an area of 55,000 square meters it is currently the biggest in Europe. The futuristic building…

Sighignola is a mountain of the Como Prealps, located on the border between the Italian region of…

The Bear's Cave or Bear's Hole, is found on the northern extreme of Laglio, in the Torriggia area, at about 400 meters above Lake Como. You arrive by climbing from Torriggia via a mountain path. The grotto is famous for…

Located above the village of Cernobbio, it is the starting point of the famous route known as "Via dei Monti Lariani", a hiking and cycling trail of 125 km on the mountains of the western shore of…


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