Parks & Gardens near Villa Rachele Beccaria

Photo: Lombardia Beni Culturali

Located opposite Comacina island, this villa was once the home to many distinguished individuals including Beccaria Bonesana who built the villa in the 1…

The Teresio Olivelli municipal park, formerly Giardino Meier, may be one of the best kept secrets among Tremezzo's botanical and architectural gems. Owned by the municipality of Tremezzo since 1979, it is between the lake and the Regina…

Parco Mayer is located at the village of Tremezzo, large and full of history hosts the swimmers among the trees, there is a bar, a pebble beach and a beach volleyball court. During the summer period is also home to several events…

Photo: Villa Melzi Gardens

Villa Melzi is a historic villa situated in the town of Bellagio. It is famous for its surrounding gardens, containing a variety of botanical specimens from around the world…

Photo: BOLD

Nesso is a picturesque village on the eastern shore of the Como branch of Lake Como, at the mouth of the valley to the lake. Here, in the hamlet Coatesa, there is the Orrida of Nessus, a deep and picturesque gorge located at the mouth of the valleys of the FCA and Nosè; the ravine is formed by two streams that come together become a beautiful…


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