Horse Riding Facilities near Villa di Montorfano

This austere mansion, is located in the centre of an ancient family property dating back to the year 1350, immersed in a park surrounded by woods, and overwhelmed by…

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Photo: Centro Ippico Il Sagittario

The Equestrian Center Sagittarius Tavernerio (CO) is a riding center recognized by FISE, Italian Equestrian Federation, and Ente Affiliated to Olympic Disciplines: Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. Also at the Centre is on an established Pony school. Offering top notch Dressage Clinics with famed Italian…

The farm is born from the passion of Francesco Fusi, supported and sustained by his wife Vilma Galimberti, for spotted horses and at the same time to assemble English. In Italy there were, apart from sporadic examples, horses with spotted coat but specifically selected…


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