Water Taxis & Boat Tours near Villa Calchi

Take in the art, listening to dreamy piano music, admiring the rolling hills of Brianza reflected in the Sartirana pond, you will find in Villa Calchi, the perfect location for your wedding reception. Each room will thrill in its…

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The Leonardo Ferry is a special type of hand-ferry which takes its name from its alleged inventor, Leonardo da Vinci. This…

Since 1892, Tasell has been offering boat rentals, taxi and boat charters, transfers and cruises to discover the lake while accompanied by professional guides. A wide variety of boats are available to suit every requirement…

Photo: Non Solo Barche Water Taxi

NON SOLO BARCHE offers Boat rentals and Taxi boat service on Lake of Como. We can transport peoples from and to every places on our Lake's coasts. We have a lot of boat for rentals, with and without on board personnel. Good boats, experience and passion make our company the best choice for your needs, both for job and vacations.


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