Golf Courses near Parco Avventura Bergamo

An extraordinary experience for the whole family. Through a variety of skills courses you will be suspended between trees, walk on wooden walkways, rope bridges, suspended logs, and ziplines. Experience courage, self…

Note: Could not calculate driving distances for this card. Distances shown do not reflect actual driving route.

Photo: L'Albenza Golf Club

Since 1986 the renowned publication Il Mondo del Golf has listed L’Albenza of the best Italian golf courses. How did the Bergamo "L'Albenza" Golf Club begin? Who were…

Photo: Golf Club Lecco

Among the Lakes Pusiano and Annone, one of the most beautiful spots of green Brianza, at the foot of the Alps of Lombardy, the Golf Club Lecco is now a 18-hole course on which the tops of the towering…


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