Museums near Museo del Ciclismo

This gem of a museum sits in a spectacular spot, adjacent to the chapel of the La Madonna del Ghisallo – patron saint of cycling – and 600 metres above Bellagio, offering…

Photo: Museum of Nautical Instruments

More than two hundred navigational instruments are on display in this antique tower-shaped hous. Among the most interesting instruments in this private collection are a XVIII century telescope made in Venice, compasses and solar clocks of various periods together with a rich collection of marine chronometers, an…

Photo: Torre delle Arti Bellagio

Gallery space that promotes various forms of art to ordinary people, trying to combine accessibility and quality, local and universal dimension, past and present. If we want people to love culture we have to give them a reason to love it.   During the year, various artistic events will follow such as exhibitions by local, national and…

Photo: Villa Carlotta Museum

Thanks to Giambattista Sommariva the villa reached its greatest glory in the 18th century, being enriched by art masterpieces and becoming a museum. Sommariva was an art collector and bought the estate at the beginning of the…

Photo: Silk Museum Abbadia Lariana

In 1818, Pietro Monti, came to Abbadia Lariana where he transformed an old building for felting wool into silk production. In 1869 he enlarged the building and he added a new one for the spinning of cocoons; the first of…

The Moto Guzzi Museum is located in Mandello del lario, Lake Como, the original birth place of the Moto Guzzi Eagle motorcycle established in 1921. See many other models representing milestones in the history…


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