Parks & Gardens near Hotel Ristorante Fioroni

Photo: Hotel Ristorante Fioroni

The Hotel Restaurant Fioroni is in Carate Urio, a small picturesque town on Como Lake’s shores. An ideal place to relax and to admire the beauties of the lake. Ristorante Fioroni, has stand out for generations of gourmets…

Photo: Lombardia Beni Culturali

Located next to Villa d’Este, the garden of Villa Pizzo has an Italian arrangement on the east side, with tidy paths that travel through flower beds, and baroque fountains. On the western side, the old dock opens onto the pool of Villa d’Este, while the new one, built by Bassani-Volpi, dominates the Moltrasio Basin to the peak of Torno. A small driveway offers a succession of exotic plants, aloes, orchids and other rare plants that climb from steep…

Photo: Garden in the Valley

Garden consisting of reclaimed land that had previously been a garbage dump. The project began in the 1980s and was the genius idea of Mrs. Pupa Frati (affectionately known as Grandma Pupa). The Association of the "Garden in the Valley" is a non-profit, non-denominational, apolitical group who’s sole and…

Villa del Grumello is an historical mansion placed in a breathtaking setting: a wonderful park overlooking the lake. Surrounded by secular trees, it boasts an incredible view and charms its visitors with its elegance and magnificence. The park of Villa del Grumello covers four hectares of land, which are divided from…

Photo: Qazxsw

A great meeting point in Como right on the water. Just minutes from the train station and harbour for ferries, Rapido and private boats alike. Ideal for a walk, sit at a café or have a meal.

Photo: Park Casa Prandoni

The entrance to the Cesare and Emilio Prandoni Retirement Home is set along picturesque steps…

Photo: BOLD

Nesso is a picturesque village on the eastern shore of the Como branch of Lake Como, at the mouth of the valley to the lake. Here, in the hamlet Coatesa, there is the Orrida of Nessus, a deep and picturesque gorge located at the mouth of the valleys of the FCA and Nosè; the ravine is formed by two streams that come together become a beautiful…


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