Churches near Hotel Du Lac

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The '"Hotel du Lac" is located in the historical center of Menaggio at 10 meters from the lake. The "Caffè Centrale" (the bar of "Hotel du Lac") offers a magnificent view of the lake is at your disposal for breakfast, snacks or even for a casual meal (the kitchen is open all day long).

The church S. Marta is of ancient origins. On the facade you can see the Roman memorial plaque of Minicio Exorato, a notable of the Roman empire; above it the town-arms. Inside the church there are some interesting paintings of the 17th century.

The church S. Carlo which was built in 1614 on order of Cinzio Calvi so that he and his wife could have their tombs in it. The church has a characteristic Spanish style bell tower a reminder of the period of Spanish domination in the 15-16th century. The bell tower can be seen from the center of town.

The parish church of S. Stefano is of very ancient origins whose original Roman structures have however been lost; in fact the orientation itself is in…

This church is located in the village Nobiallo just north of Menaggio. The houses are clustered around the church which stands on the Antica Strada Regina, the antique Roman Road that connected Como with Alpine passes. The characteristic leaning bell tower is from the 13th century.

Photo: Lombardia Beni Culturali

High on the road is the sanctuary of the Madonna of Peace, erected in 1659 to celebrate the peace of Pirenei, which ended the Thirty Year War between the French and Spaniards. Characteristic is the Romanesque hanging bell (sec. XIII), and in the sanctuary is the venerated image of a Madonna from which are said…

A perfect morning or afternoon hike with stunning views of Lake Como. San Martino is Lake Como’s most famous mountain church perched on a top a cliff above the town of Griante. Its official name is "Santuario Della Madonna delle Grazie di San Martino", but most everyone simply refers to it as San Martino. A…

Photo: Lombardia Beni Culturali

This parish church rebuilt between 1725 and 1738, is a remarkable example of Baroque art. Inside, in addition to the frescoes of Luigi Tagliaferro, is a valuable painting of the "Madonna of the Seven Sorrows" and a wooden statue of Lorenzo Matieli 1737.

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We are part of the Anglican Church, belonging to the Diocese in Europe but we welcome all visitors of the Christian faith to our services of Holy Communion. These are held every Sunday at 10.30 am from the beginning of May to the end of…

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The parish church is located next to the historical centre of the village of Griante. It was built at the beginning of the 18th century on the site of an ancient temple, that was probably consecrated by St. Felice, bishop of Como. The church has a simple structure with a single nave, a transept and two lateral…

In the hills of Tremezzo is the town of Rogaro whose old centre consists of 18th century homes grouped around the Baroque church dedicated to Mary. The church houses the famous wooden statue known as the Black Madonna which is said…

Consecrated on 1313, the parish church of San Giorgio is a small masterpiece of the 14th century Lombardy architecture. Located in the main square, this is a basilica with nave and two aisles embellished by  a rose window and a fresco portraying Saint Christopher. The baroque altar, with black and red marbles,…

Photo: Varenna

This is one of the oldest churches in the Lake Como area and the oldest one in Varenna. Dated back at the 11th century, this Church is defined by the Belfry built toward the lake, as usual at that time, and it keeps inside few frescoes from the 14th century. The church stands isolated on the main square in…

Located right on the lake in the village of Tremezzo, the church began construction in 1775 and completed in 1896. The inside of the church was painted by Luigi Tagliaferri, who did all the paintings of the chorus and of the vault. The walls were built with blocks of hewn stone from Moltrasio.

Photo: Di Daderot

The church of St. George is located in Bellagio, next to City Hall. It is contemporary with the Basilica of St. James, dating back to ' XI - XII century (dated between 1080 and 1120). Originally the apse and altar were facing…


One of the finest examples of Lombard-Romanesque with an intact apse. The parish Church of San Giacomo (St. James) dates back to the 12th century. The rest of the structure has undergone numerous restorations, especially during the 18th…

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The church stands in the beautiful small square of the village Barna.  It was built as a Parish church in 1636. The inside presents itself with one…


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