Towns near Domaso

Domaso lies on the west side of the northern lake. It was a fishing village, now transformed into a popular and dynamic tourist area. Domaso is one of the most famous…

Gravedona is situated in an enchanting gulf, protected to the north by picturesque mountains and allocated in a harmonious way, caracterised by small squares, lanes and alleyways. With its churches and monuments, testimonies of a past filled with historic and religeous…

Located on the northern shores of Lake Como, this town boasts a large marina and beach set against dramatic mountains in the background. Water sports are popular here as well as hiking and bird-watching in a nearby bird sanctuary.

Historically significant as the location near Musso where Benito Mussolini was captured and executed as he attempted to escape to Switzerland. The Museum of Resistance…

A fishing village at the extreme north of Lake Como, close to the Swiss border. It is surrounded by majestic mountains which create a dramatic backdrop to this picturesque area. The main activities favour outdoor…

Located on the western shores of Lake Como, the town derives its name from the river that flows from the mountains to the lake. A pebble beach invites water activities like swimming, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing.

Colico is a town located at the northern part of Lake Como dominated by Mount Legnone. It is characterized by natural attractions as well as those made…

Dervio lies on a peninsula that juts out into the waters of the lake, situated at the mouth of  Valvarrone and the river Varrone. Very ancient in origin, it was an important fortified village since Roman times for its strategic position on…

A picturesque town on the eastern side of Lake Como featuring restaurants, shops, hikes and a lido beach with pool.


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