Hikes & Walks near Conversione di San Paolo

The current building was built on the site previously occupied by an older church: its construction began in 1593 and lasted until the next century (1617), when it became an independent parish. In the eighteenth century underwent a partial reconstruction that…

Monte Palanzone is a mountain 1436 meters high--only second to Monte San Primo in the area. It can be reached in several ways but the most populare is from Como via the funicular to Brunate, location of the…

Montepiatto is a small settlement of houses scattered in the mountains above Torno. After a windy path a several steep staircases, you'll be…

The whole territory of the Larian Triangle and, in particular, its westernmost end, is characterized by the abundant presence of so-called "erratics" or "boulders" left behind by glaciers. Those found in Torno and…

The Bear's Cave or Bear's Hole, is found on the northern extreme of Laglio, in the Torriggia area, at about 400 meters above Lake Como. You arrive by climbing from Torriggia via a mountain path. The grotto is famous for…


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