Villa Oleandra Laglio


Following a stay in Lake Como, George Clooney was fascinated by the area and bought a house in Laglio, a villa of the eighteenth century called Villa Oleandra. He later became an honorary citizen of the small lakeside town and sits on the committee for the defense of the integrity of the banks of the lake. The actor owns a total four villas in the area of Lake Como.

Villa Oleandra: Description

Villa L’Oleandra nestles in paradise on Laglio’s lakefront George Clooney is responsible for many thousands of words of print about Lake Como and highlighting the wonders of this spectacular location. He purchased his Villa, Villa L'Oleandra, in 2001, in the small community of Laglio. In fact it has become such a popular tourist haunt that Giorgio Possi, the mayor of Laglio, introduced a fine, forbidding groups of more than three to gather outside of Villa Oleandra. The fine starts at €19, but rises for repeat offenders!

The villa itself is 18th century, was previously owned by the Heinz family and sits on the waters edge within private grounds. The villa is reputed to have cost $7m and needed a lot of restorative work. So, Mr Clooney also bought the nearby Villa Margherita which was immediately habitable.

George Clooney, who normally stays at his villa up to four months of the year, can be seen when in residence, riding his motorcycle around Lake Como and on boats of varying descriptions visiting local towns and restaurants around the Lake.

George of course, has celebrity friends and many of these have been to the Lake and some are rumoured to be looking for their own villa on Lake Como.

Villa Oleandra
Via Vecchia Regina, 20, Laglio CO 22010