Villa Monastero Varenna


Villa Monastero, a property of the Province of Lecco, is one of the most interesting attractions of our territory thanks to its strategic location, its history, its landscape, its environment and for the different services which it can offer. The House Museum, the historical and noble residence, is at its core: in the year 2004 Villa Monastero was given the title of "Casa Museo" by the Lombardy Region and since then its fourteen rooms can be visited following a charming itinerary.

Villa Monastero: Description

Villa Monastero is also an international Conference Centre where, in the year 1954, the Nobel prize winner Enrico Fermi held some lessons. The Villa offers rooms and facilities to hold meetings, conferences, seminars, training activities, workshops and cultural events in an unforgettable, beautiful setting.

Every year the Italian Society of Physics organizes its prestigious courses at the Villa Monastero. The Villa is surrounded by a spectacular and fascinating botanical Garden which extends for two kilometres from Varenna to Fiumelatte; it is visited yearly by about 40.000 people and offers recreation and learning opportunities thanks to the presence of many botanical species, both indigenous and exotic.

In the Villa Monastero it is possible to develop different learning activities like educational itineraries, laboratories and recreational activities for school children both in the Garden and in the House Museum.

In the Villa you can also find an Exhibition room specifically equipped to house temporary exhibitions.

The beauty of Villa Monastero’s background is also the ideal setting for photographic shootings both for fashion columns and for touristic magazines.

Villa Monastero
Via G.Polvani, 4, Varenna LC 22010
+39 0341.295450


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