San Bernardino Colico


Originating on a 13th century temple site, this 15th century church was dedicated to San Bernardino, a preacher who crossed Italy on foot preaching religious reform, social justice and working for peace. The last significant extension was completed in 1896, the date still legible within a round arch that separates the sanctuary from the body of the nave. The building, down the centuries formed the center of religious and social life of the local farming community.

San Bernardino: Description

The altar is characterized by sinuous lines eighteenth-century black marble inlaid Varenna by other colored marbles. The walls of the chancel, the apse and the two triumphal arches that have a decorative author unknown, refer to the Baroque style and are all made with the technique of trompe l'oeil. On the walls are raffgurati the Biblical story of the Dream of Jacob's ladder and his Struggle with the Angel; on the barrel vault San Bernardino in heavenly glory among multiple decorative elements.

On the walls of the apse S. Bernardino is probably flanked by St. Helen and St. Margaret. The two altars of the aisles and their statues, probably belonging to the original building, are dedicated to St. Joseph (right) to the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary (left). The triumphal arch built after the 'elongation west of the nave shows a fresco of Christ in glory, attributed Tagliaferri. The organ, almost certainly part of the original church, after the expansion of the nineteenth century was rebuilt by the factory organ Marelli and placed above the main entrance.

In a niche of the aisle on the left is placed the baptismal font where he was baptized Sister Maria Laura Mainetti for which is being the cause of beatification. On the south side of the square until the end of the nineteenth century, there was the cemetery Villatico. Today a plaque on the wall of the church states: "Respect or Colico this square once the tomb of your fathers."

San Bernardino
Via Perlino 2, Colico LC 23823