Rifugio Rosalba Mandello del Lario


Rifugio located in a very panoramic location on Monte Grigna at 1730 meters. Ideal for climbing courses and is a foothold for the wonderful climbing trails in the surrounding area, particularly Monte Grigna Meridionale (South Monte Grigna) aka Monte Grignetta.


Located in a splendid panoramic location on a natural bump at the foot of the famous Cresta Segantini. You can reach Rosalba Hut, starting from Piani dei Resinelli, both along Via delle Foppe (trail sign 9 – slightly more than 2 hours), and along the "Direttissima" (trail sign 8 and 8/a, approximately 3h), much more challenging and wild, passing through Carlo Porta Hut. Near Rosalba Hut, several opportunities to climb along wonderful trails are available. There is nothing better than spending some days at the hut to hike over all of them! Local guides organize climbing courses for each level of mountain-climbing preparation.

Rifugio Rosalba
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