Pietra Pendula Torno


Located in Montepiatto, a village high above Torno with great hiking trails and equally fantastic views of the lake is the "Stone pendula", boulder resting on a pedestal. This boulder with its base has the appearance of a mushroom. It is thought that the block of granite was left there by Quaternary glaciers during its expansion and contraction over time.

Hiking Montepiatto

On the path that leads to Pendula Stone meets another boulder called the Rock of St. Charles Borromeo tied to a legend that the Holy there soared along with the nuns of the convent, and reappeared at the Sacro Monte of Varese at the headquarters of nuns. Another legend says that San Carlo would have put my hand on the rock wall to bring forth water from the fissure to quench their thirst. Both sites are located along a hiking path of considerable charm, but not only for the views that open onto the Lake Como area. Here, in Piazzaga we find a small group of houses inhabited in the summer and a typical Crotto offering an outstanding quality of food. In the area you can also visit numerous other tombs boulders, medieval archaeological evidence.