Orrido di Bellano Bellano


The Gorge, created by the river Pioverna, is a natural canyon where giant bowls and incredible caves have been carved out by the water over the centuries. A concrete footbridge allows visitors to admire this beauty from an extremely unique location.

Orrido is a natural gorge, formed over 15 million years (since the glacial retreat of the river Adda) by the flowing waters of the Stream Pioverna that, by erosion, has carved out a deep gorge between Taceno in Valsassina, and Bellano.

The peculiarity of this place comes from the possibility to travel a small distance into the gorge, walking over a walkway fixed in stone. The foamy waters, the waterfall, the smooth rocks, the vegetation, the caves carved into the rock, constitute a spectacle of great beauty, particularly in the rainy periods with a swollen stream. The force of the running waters, in the past centuries, was exploited by local industries for the processing of minerals, leather and, more recently, for spinning mills. With the introduction of electricity, pipelines, that are still working today inside the mountain, were constructed to exploit the power of the rushing waters, fueling two power-plants. Despite passing centuries and human intervention, it still preserves the charm of a natural spectacle of incomparable fascination. Since 1998 the whole area is under the property of the Municipality of Bellano, who is overseeing its re-launch.

During the year, the waterfalls within the Orrido are not always visible depending on the weather. "The House Of Devil" , is a small three story tower, with a winding staircase built on a rocky spur, connecting the different floors of the building. Its name comes from the frescoes on the upper part, that can still be seen today. It dates back to at least 1834, but its origin and its original use are still unknown.

Orrido di Bellano
Piazza San Giorgio, Bellano LC 23822


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