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Monte Barro Park Valmadrera


Monte Barro, a beautiful and charming terrace overlooking the Brianza area and its lakes. It is surrounded by Lake Como, Lake Annone, Lake Garlate and is situated above Galbiate: 922 meters high on the calcareous-dolomite mountain, completely isolated from the surrounding mountains. Monte Barro offers unlimited possibilities for hiking lovers. You can choose a path according to your level of experience, from very easy trails up to the challenging ones or to climbing spots, depending on the altitude, length and travel time, but you can also decide for an itinerary to get to know the natural, historical and geological peculiarities of the park. The area is also home to a Villa, gothic church, gardens, archealogical museum and ancient excavations.

Monte Barro Park: Description

The name is derived from the Milanese family that owned this villa as a second home in 1873 and who renovated the villa extensively, culminating in 1911-1913, thanks to the work of the architect Piero Portaluppi who gave the villa a gracious neo-baroque style. In 1938 it was bought by the industrialist Cavaliere (Sir) Ernesto Bonaiti from Lecco who authorised its use, during wartime (1942-1945), by the Teaching Institute of Mary the Immaculate of Milan (Istituto Magistrale M. Immacolata di Milano) led by the nuns of the Infant Mary (Maria Bambina) who came from two religious backgrounds. In 1954 the compendium Bertarelli was donated to the nuns and in 1965 it started a new rote as a rest home for old nuns.

 ln 2003 the villa was bought by the town hall of Galbiate and by Monte Barro Park, the latter being the owner of a Wing of the villa and the gardens. The gardens are an important and charming aspect of the villa, especially for the splendid landscaping and the panorama over the lakes of Brianza. The inclusion of the Native Flora Centre in the villa has involved the maintenance of underground passageways, grottos and the antique glasshouse, and walk-through displays showing how the centre studies and conserves plant biodiversity.

In addition to the Villa and grounds, the Park features an ethnographic museum which documents the daily life of the working class in Brianza and in the Lecco area in the XIX and XX centuries; archaeological museum exhibiting artifacts from the largest Gothic settlement discovered in Italy; a flora experimental centre and an ornithological station.

Monte Barro Park
Via Bertarelli 11, Valmadrera LC 23851