Lecco is a not a tourist hot spot, but it is one of Lake Como's largest cities. It has beautiful scenery, a nice lakeside promenade, and is accessible by train. Lecco is famous for inspiring Alessandro Manzoni, one the most world-renowned and loved Italian authors. His masterpiece, I promessi sposi (The Betrothed) is set in northern Italy, and Lecco is prominantly featured in the work.

Lecco: Description

If you are interested in Manzoni's work, then visit Villa Manzoni which houses the Manzonian Museum. It exhibits first editions, manuscripts and memorabilia of the life and works of Alessandro Manzoni. The town centre is old with narrow streets, colourful architecture and cobbled roads with shops and restaurants. It is surrounded by high mountains, the most famous being Grigna and Resegone. In fact, hiking and walking on the beautiiful paths of various difficulty and length give you an impressive view of Lake Como. Unspoilt by tourists, Lecco is an interesting city to check out.

Lecco is known the world over for its magnificent mountains and the courage and dexterity with which the locals succeed in "conquering" them. Overlooked by the spur of the Grigne, by Mount San Martino, and by the unmistakable ridge of Mount Resegone, in 2013 Lecco was awarded the title of Alpine City. It is a deep and lasting bond as can be seen from the annals of mountaineering and the exploits of men such as Riccardo Cassin and Carlo Mauri. The mountain behind Lecco offers tracks of different level of difficulty. In a short time you can reach Piani d’Erna, a natural terrace offering great view over the city.