Hiking Montepiatto Torno


Montepiatto is a small settlement of houses scattered in the mountains above Torno. After a windy path a several steep staircases, you'll be awarded with beautiful views of the Como lake basin.


The "Rock of Saint Carlo Borromeo, according to legend, was used by the saint to fly the ancient convent of nuns Montepiatto to safety from the plague in 1598. Near the town there's a rock wall in which there is a slit resembling the shape of a hand. In this case the legend tells how Saint Carlo supported his hand on the rock to gush clear water and drink before his departure. 

Whether you decide to walk the trail pedestrian or the other way (most suitable in the fall for those who want to collect chestnuts being abundant from trees along the way), after a walk of about 3 km, requiring 30-40 minutes of walking not too demanding, you arrive at your destination. The two roads in fact make up a ring that grows on the mountain, and joins in Montepiatto.

Culminating in a large churchyard stands the church dedicated to the joyful mystery of the Visitation of Holy Mary to her cousin St. Elizabeth.

The church and the convent were almost entirely destroyed by fire on 18 March 1975 and the reconstruction that followed shortly thereafter, while respecting the original architecture, applied many improvements and technical adjustments.

Among the peculiarities of Montepiatto is the "Stone pendula", boulder resting on a pedestal. This boulder with its base has the appearance of a mushroom. It is thought that the block of granite was left there at that place, not far from the church, by Quaternary glaciers during the 'expansion and shrinkage.