Hiking Monte Legnone Lecco


Monte Legnone is the highest peak in the immediate Lake Como area. The view from the top is definitely unforgettable. Monte Legnone is 2,610 metres high making it the highest peak in the Lake Como area. It is located at the north end of the lake, but its recognizable pyramid-like peak is visible from almost anywhere on the lake. It usually holds some snow until May or even June.

Most Popular Route

The most popular way to reach the summit of Monte Legnone from Lake Como is to begin hiking at the Rifugio Roccoli Lorla (m1460) which can be reached by car from the town of Tremenico (near Dervio). There you will see signs for the rifugio. The road is narrow but paved almost to the end. A short hike from the parking area will get you to the rifugio. From there is only one way up.

Level of Difficulty

This Route has a level of difficulty between EE and EEA which means it is for skilled hikers. The EEA rating, as defined by the Club Alpino Italiano (CAI), is given because there are exposed sections, particularly on the final ascent, that require some scrambling up rocks and the use cables that are permanently fixed in the mountain to assist you. Here is an unofficial explanation of the difficulty rating system in Italy. There are other routes to the summit.


You will likely encounter deer, goats, or chamois.


There is no water on this hike, so bring your own. Winds can be very strong so use caution. Winter climbing is for experts only.