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Boat Museum Pianello del Lario


In 1978 a group of friends of the Lake of Como founded an association called "The Collection of Boats of Lake Como" with the aim of saving the age-old and noble nautical traditions of their lake. The museum was opened in 1982 and it is fitted out in the rooms of an old spinning factory. The building itself is already of interest because it represents the typical shell of a 19th century factory. Over 160 boats built on the Lake of Como or which have been of particular importance in the Lake's nautical traditions or events can be visited in the 14 rooms of this museum.

Boat Museum: Description

The boats range from fishing boats to those used for transporting goods, from sailing boats to motor-boats, from rowing-boats to absolute pleasure boats. Among the most characteristic examples there is a 19th century Venetian gondola built on the lake of Como, a Cisco a typical English sail-boat of the same century and boats with raked bows used by the smugglers. Furthermore there are Larian gondolas, "comballi" and "quatrass" (typical small lake boats), and a "Balilla" - a propeller-run boat. Not only boats but also fishing nets, sails, engines, accessories, tools and reproduction period photos make the collection richer and more complete.

Boat Museum
Via Statale, 139, Pianello del Lario CO 22010
+39 0344 87235