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Alessandro Volta Tomb Como


The burial town where Alessandro Volta is buried was originally called Camnago, and took the name of Camnago Volta in 1863 in honour of this great scientist. The mausoleum, a temple of neoclassic style, was finished in 1831, decorated with statues and reliefs. On either side of the entrance gate, there are two statues by Louis Silvers representating Science and Religion, and written on the lintel "To Alessandro Volta - The Widow and Children". On the back wall you can see the sarcophagus worked in marble by sculptor Bayer, which overlooks a bust sculpted by Giovanni Battista Comolli. Flanked by two winged busts, one of which is in place to crown Volta. It stands out in the box above the relief of the most celebrated episode of the life of Volta: the presentation of the pile to Napoleon Bonaparte in Paris in 1801.

Alessandro Volta Tomb
Via Luigi Clerici, 33, Como CO 22100