Photo: Prabello

Refuge Prabello is in the province of Como, located on the watershed between the Valley of Intelvi and the Muggio Valley on the border between Italy and Switzerland.…

Photo: Rifugio Grassi

Owned by SEL (Hiker’s Society of Lecco) and located in the territory of Valtorta (Bergamo Province) – easily reachable either from Lecco and Valsassina or from Bergamo and Val Brembana. Our Rifugio is open weekends all year long, and every…

The Brioschi shelter offers 34 beds and dining room seats up to 40 people. You can hop from all sides, we are some of the most popular and frequent access to the summit, referring to other sources for insights cartographic and descriptive way.

Photo: Rifugio Giuseppe Buzzoni

Refuge Buzzoni, CAI sez. Introbio, located at an altitude of 1,590 above sea level in the municipality of Alp Mota Introbio in Valsassina. The small and cozy lodge is located on a natural balcony overlooking Grigne and Valsassina. At the refuge you can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of unspoiled nature combined with the hospitality of the mountain.

Photo: Rifugio Disolin

A few meters from the ski lifts, in the countryside and in the quiet of the valleys that open to the eye, is Rifugio Disolin. Feel at home at the shelter is easy, the treatment is the family…

Photo: Rifugio Stella

Rifugio located at the base of a ski hill in the Piani di Bobbio region. Features restaurant, 13 rooms with private bath. Also a good starting point for a few scenic hikes.

Photo: Rifugio Cazzaniga Merlini

Rifugio Cazzaniga Merlini lies on a rocky outcrop in the clear dominance of entire area plans Artavaggio, almost like an eagle's nest. In the large dining room you can enjoy…

Photo: Mottafoiada

Located in the woods of the northern slope of Mount Cortafon, Rifugio Mottafoiada is suitable for those who love nature, the mountains, walking, hiking, mountain-biking. Recently rebuilt and expanded and it has: bathrooms and hot water showers, a kitchen, a dining room and five bedrooms.

Initially it was a barn with pasture - the SAOAS, Alpine Society Worker, Antonio Stoppani, decided to restructure it: the barn was transformed into the dining room, in the room for milk Dolbilina the kitchen and the cellar, in the barn room and the bathroom.…

Photo: Rifugio Roccoli Lorla

The rifugio is surrounded by lush beech forests and beautiful larch that present the autumn hiker with a whole palette of vivid warm colours, and at the beginning of summer there will be astounding and beautiful blooming rhododendrons, heathers and broom. The Rifugio is the ideal starting point for the best scenic hikes; the…

Photo: Rifugio Falc

The refuge is located in the Bergamo Alps FALC West, on the slopes of Pizzo Tre Signori (2554 m.) And precisely in nozzle Varro, at an altitude of 2120 m. It is a small shelter located between the iridescent gray rock, the blue sky and the deep blue waters…

Photo: Rifugio Venini

The rifugio is situated in a saddle in between Monte Galbiga and Monte di Tremezzo and can be reached by car from either from Argegno or Porlezza via Pigra. Rifugio Alpetto di Torno is in Val di Torno above Pian del Tivano. It lies on the hiking trail called La Dorsale del Triangolo…

Photo: Rifugio di Alpetto Torno

Mountain accommodation with stone walls situated in front of meadows, 8 km from Sormano, Rifugio Alpetto Torno offers rooms and dormitories with shared bathroom, a Lombard restaurant, and a garden. Rifugio Alpetto di Torno is in Val di Torno…

Photo: BOLD

S.E.V. Hut (mt. 1276) located above Valmadrera, near to Lecco, in the area of Pianezzo alongside Corni di Canzo and opposite the Mount Resegone, habitual destination of our Lecco territory. Started in 1957, the work was completed in 1964 thanks…

Photo: Rifugio Tavecchia

Built in the ‘30s at the beginning of Biandino valley, about 8 kilometres from the village of Introbio. The Buzzoni family is the owner since 2006, and from then on it has been completely restored to address security and sanitary standards. Meanwhile it…


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