Monuments near Spirit of the Woods Trail

The Prim’Alpe Visitor’s Centre is the starting point for this interesting trail near Canzo. The hike is easy, even for young aged children. During your trek you will meet elves, gnomes, the drunken donkey and other many…

Photo: Lombardia Beni Culturali

Monument to the fallen of World War I, designed in 1926 by architect Giuseppe Terragni and built between 1928 and 1931. It consists of a long stone staircase and river pebbles surrounded by cypress trees. The staircase…

Photo: Pietra Luna

It’s a boulder of pyramidal shape that owes its curious name to a crescent engraved on one side, of natural origin, accompanied by the letters PLDB (Moon…

Immediately after the death of Alessandro Manzoni on May 22, 1873, the City Council of Lecco met and approved a monument to the writer that had given so much prestige to the city. The committee, headed by Antonio…

In the centre of the ancient village Palanzo, situated in the hills and part of the commune of Faggeto Lario, there is an enormous wine press of the 17th century. It is made to work during the annual feast called Sagra…


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